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GeoVisual Analytics: Interactivity, Dynamics, and Scale[edit]

Workshop @ GIScience [1] (23 September 2014, Vienna, AT) & Special issue of Cartography and Geographic Information Science [2] (2015)

The workshop is a follow-up of the successful workshops on

   Visualization, Analytics and Spatial Decision Support at the GIScience’2006 conference,
   Geovisualization of Dynamics, Movement and Change at AGILE'2008, and
   GeoSpatial Visual Analytics at GIScience'2008.
   GeoSpatial Visual Analytics: Focus on Time at AGILE'2010.
   GeoSpatial Visual Analytics: Focus on Time at GIScience'2012.

Selected papers from the previous workshops, including research agenda papers, were published as special issues of

   International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 2007, v.21(8)
   Information Visualization, 2008, v.7 (3/4), and
   Cartography and Geographic Information Science, 2009, v.36 (3)
   International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 2010, v.24(10)
   forthcoming special issues of Information Visualization (2014) and IJGIS (2014)

The workshop aims at bringing together researchers from relevant fields to address research issues of geospatial visual analytics in the multidisciplinary context of GI Science.

Geospatial visual analytics has a tendency to emphasize the spatial components of geographic information. At this workshop we encourage approaches that utilize and emphasize the temporal characteristics of geographic information, consider geographic and temporal information at multiple scales, use interactive and dynamic displays in visual analytics.

The theme for the workshop is the use of GeoVisual Analytics approaches for exploring and analysing large data sets with spatial and/or temporal components. Original papers are solicited in this area with innovative papers detailing tight integration of visualization, data mining, database processing, optimization and other computational processing particularly encouraged. A special issue of CaGIS is planned as a consequence.

The workshop will give participants the chance to present ongoing and developing work without committing to a full journal paper. The journal special issue will provide selected participants with the opportunity of reporting their work in a refereed journal. Papers will be selected for consideration for the special issue according to the quality, maturity and likely impact of the work in addition to its fit with the workshop theme and established research agenda published in Space, Time, and Visual Analytics.

Example topics include, but are not limited to, the visualization and interactive analysis of large data sets representing:

   individual and group movement behaviours, either in physical or virtual spaces
   dynamics of geo-localised sensor data
   spatio-temporal events
   remotely sensed data, multi-scale and multi-temporal
   large high-dimensional data sets in space and time
   streams of spatio-temporal data
   volunteered geographic information 

as well as

   models and semantics of time in geospatial visual analytics
   knowledge construction and reasoning about spatial and temporal phenomena and processes
   application of innovative visual analytics methods to real-life problems 

Organizers and Guest Editors:

  Gennady and Natalia Andrienko (Fraunhofer Institute IAIS and City University London), 
  Jason Dykes (City University London), 
  Menno-Jan Kraak (University of Twente), 
  Anthony Robinson (Penn State University), 
  Heidrun Schumann (University of Rostock)
  ICA Commission on GeoVisualization: http://geoanalytics.net/ica

Supported by:

  SPP VA - Scalable Visual Analytics: Interactive Visual Analysis Systems of Complex Information Spaces (DFG Priority Research Program)

Please send all inquiries to G.Andrienko

Web site: http://geoanalytics.net/GeoVA2014