2008-06-03: Job Offer: PhD Position in Information Visualization, Växjö University, Sweden, and TU Kaiserslautern, Germany

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Scholarship for a Doctoral Student in Information Visualization[edit]

placed at the School of Mathematics and System Engineering (MSI), Växjö University, Sweden, and at the Computer Science Department, University of Kaiserslautern, Germany

We are looking for a well qualified candidate for a common research project in the field of Information Visualization between Växjö University (ISOVIS group, headed by Andreas Kerren) and the University of Kaiserslautern (research groups of Hans Hagen and Achim Ebert). The scholarship is primary funded by the CS Department of TU Kaiserslautern and is available immediately. It should be filled as soon as possible! The successful candidate will spend 50% of his/her working time doing research at Kaiserslautern and Växjö respectively. The scholarship amounts to EUR 1468,- per month. He/she will also be able to make use of the many amenities of the International Graduate School IRTG located in Kaiserslautern, e.g., courses, tutorials, and travel money.

Prior experience in one or more of the following fields would be an advantage: information visualization, software visualization, scientific visualization, graph drawing, computer graphics, human-computer interaction, or visual analytics. However, we encourage all well qualified candidates (M.Sc. in CS or comparable degrees) with strong interest in our research areas to apply! Good proficiency in English, programming skills, and willingness to interdisciplinary research are also required.

Questions and applications should be addressed directly via email to Prof. Dr. Andreas Kerren. Please attach your complete CV including cover letter, publication list and/or a brief abstract of your Master's Thesis, and the name of at least one referee.


Dr. Andreas Kerren, Associate Professor, phone: +46 470 76 71 02, e-mail: andreas.kerren AT vxu.se;

Växjö University, Sweden

University of Kaiserslautern, Germany

International Research Training Group