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Short Description MICE Tool (Version 4)[edit]


MICE (Music Clustering and Investigation Environment)


Stefan Schnabl (0306110) Heinrich Fritz (0325693) Leonhard Seyfang (0227022)

Short Introduction to the Task[edit]

The Task was to enable web developers and people running an online music portal (including a store) to create hypothesis about the ongoing development strategy via a visualisation tool. Basically one should be able to investigate the data and find out certain hypothesis about what he or she thinks is going on. This includes things like

  1. user habits
  2. dependencies between certain attributes
  3. dependencies to the time
  4. etc.

Short Introduction to the Realization[edit]

The prototype is done in Flash MX 2004 pro. It makes heavy use of Action Script (2.0). The data is driven from an XML file ("source.xml") which has to be stored with (in the same directory as) the .swf file of the Tool. The Tool provies 4 Methods for visualization:

  1. Barchart
  2. Mosaicplot
  3. Scatterplot
  4. Date and Time

These methods can be put together next to each othter. Thex move parallel when the playhead is started. All methods are dependent on the TIMELINE, which represents the data in dependency to ist occurence time. One can focus on special time spans by moving the outer bounds of the timebar. Odinary PLAY, STOP and PAUSE button help to use the timebar very intuetively. The right side of the application provides the part where the user can select the attributes the shown data will represent as well as teh granularity. The granularity means the time span in which the data is counted. By that one can sort of zoom into the data when selecting smaller granularity.


Screenshot 2.jpg
(MICE Tool with active Barchart - method)


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