2006-12-04: "Discovering the Unexpected" - Call for Papers: Visual Analytics in IEEE CG&A

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Discovering the Unexpected[edit]

Special Issue of IEEE CG&A, September/October 2007

Guest Editors: Kris Cook and Rae Earnshaw

  • Submissions Due: 15 December 2006 extended to January 16 2007
  • Author Notification: 16 March 2007
  • Final Versions Due: 16 May 2007

The need to make sense of all types of complex, conflicting, and dynamic information has provided the impetus for new tools and technologies that combine the strengths of visualization with powerful underlying algorithms and innovative interaction techniques. These tools are part of the emerging field of visual analytics. This marriage of computation, visual representation, and interactive thinking supports intensive analysis. The goal is not only to permit users to detect expected events, such as might be predicted by models, but also to help users discover the unexpected—the surprising anomalies, changes, patterns, and relationships that are then examined and assessed to develop new insight.

For this special issue of IEEE CG&A, we solicit papers that describe innovative results in visual analytics, with an emphasis on applications that support discovery and assessment of the unexpected. Potential topics include, but are not limited to

  • interaction techniques to support analytical reasoning;
  • mathematical representations and transformations;
  • visual analysis of dynamic or multitype data;
  • visual analysis of text, audio, video, image, or structured data;
  • information synthesis and data fusion;
  • visual representations;
  • collaborative visual analytics;
  • representation of uncertainty;
  • representation of context;
  • spatial and temporal analyses;
  • off-the-desktop applications (for example, handheld devices and large displays);
  • novel approaches for communicating analytic findings;
  • evaluation techniques;
  • new models of interaction, and interaction styles;
  • real-time data analysis within critical response time constraints;
  • case studies of applications demonstrating how the unexpected has been discovered; and
  • new results in the underlying science of visual analytical reasoning.

Articles should be no more than 10 magazine pages, where a page is 800 words and a quarter page image counts as 200 words. Cite only the 12 most critical references, and consider providing technical background in sidebars for nonexpert readers. Color images can be interspersed through the article and should be limited to a total of 10. Visit CG&A style and length guidelines here.

Call for Papers

Source: IEEE, 2006, IEEE CG&A Call for Papers, Retrieved at: Dec 4, 2006. http://www.computer.org/portal/site/cga/index.jsp?pageID=cga_level1&path=cga/content&file=cfpsept07.xml&xsl=article.xsl