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*[[2011-07-11: InfoVis:Wiki upgrades to MediaWiki 1.4.5]]
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*[[2011-07-11: 3 research assistant positions (Design, Psychology, Computer Science) at the Logica Service Design Lab and Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute]]
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*[[2011-07-05: CFP: IEEE PacificVis 2012]]
*[[2011-07-05: CFP: WikiViz 2011 - Visualizing the impact of Wikipedia]]
*[[2011-07-04: Targeted Projection Pursuit package available in Weka]]
*[[2011-06-30: Job: MSc and PhD Student Recruitment, University of Manitoba, Canada]]
*[[2011-06-28: Job: PhD Fellowship: Math-Sketching on Interactive Whiteboards]]
*[[2011-06-21: Job: PostDoc Position in Intelligent User Interfaces / InfoVis, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada]]
*[[2011-06-21: LinkedIn InfoVis Group Started - Come and Join]]-[http://www.linkedin.com/groups/InfoVis-3967239 InfoVis@LinkedIn]
*[[2011-06-20: IEEE BioVis: Call for Abstracts & Contest Announcement]]
*[[2011-06-20: CFP: ADVTEL 2011 - Workshop on Enhancing Learning with Ambient Displays and Visualization Techniques]]
*[[2011-06-17: CFP: IEEE VisWeek 2011 Discovery Exhibition]]
*[[2011-06-14: PhD position on Visualizing Multicore Performance, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland]]
*[[2011-06-02: Postgraduate Course on Information Visualization in Barcelona, Spain]]
*[[2011-05-26: Job: PhD/postdoc in genomics visualization at Leuven University (Belgium)]]
*[[2011-05-16: Job: Interface Designer / InfoVis / Service Designer, IxDS Interaction Design Studios, Berlin, Germany]]
*[[2011-05-16: CFP: Special Issue of the journal Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery on Intelligent Interactive Data Visualization]]
*[[2011-05-16: Job: PostDoc position in Multimodal analysis and Interaction, University of Fribourg, Switzerland]]
*[[2011-04-06: CFP: Parsons Journal for Information Mapping (PJIM) Call for Papers and Projects]]
*[[2011-04-06: CFP: Special Track: Interactive Visualization in Novel and Heterogeneous Display Environments]]
*[[2011-04-01: Job: PhD position in Visual Analytics at Middlesex University, UK (UKVAC)]]
*[[2011-04-01: CFP: The Third UKVAC Workshop on Visual Analytics (VAW 2011) - September 6-8, 2011 - London, UK (Deadline: June 4, 2011)]]
*[[2011-03-18: Job: Assistant Professor Position in Interactive Visualization at Institut Telecom / Telecom ParisTech, France]]
*[[2011-03-03: Job: PhD and MSc positions at the Human-Computer Interaction Lab, University of Manitoba, Canada]]
*[[2011-03-03: EXTENDED DEADLINE CFP: 5th International Symposium on Information Visualization in Biomedical Informatics (IVBI) (Deadline: March 21, 2011)]]
*[[2011-02-21: Job: Postdoc position in visualization/neuroscience at UCSD / UTSA]]
*[[2011-02-18: Job: Vacancies for Visiting Academics at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Cyprus (Deadline: March 31, 2011)]]
*[[2011-02-18: Job Offer: PhD Position in Information Visualization, Linnaeus University, Sweden]]
*[[2011-02-18: Job: PhD position on Sleep Quality Measurement and Visualization, Eindhoven Univ. of Tech. and Philips Research, (Deadline: February 27)]]
*[[2011-02-09: CFP: BioVis 2011 - IEEE Symposium on Biological Data Visualization - Oct 23-24, 2011 (Deadline: April 30, 2011)]]
*[[2011-02-07: CFP: TAVA 2011 - Special Track on Theory and Applications of Visual Analytics - Sept 7, 2011 (Deadline: April 30, 2011)]]
*[[2011-02-07: CFP: EuroVA 2011 - EuroVis Workshop on Visual Analytics in Bergen, Norway - May 31st, 2011 (Deadline: Feb. 18, 2011)]]
*[[2011-01-24: CFP: 5th International Symposium on Information Visualization in Biomedical Informatics (IVBI) (Deadline: March 15, 2011)]]
*[[2010-12-22: PhD Studentships: Funded PhD Research Positions, giCentre, City University London]]
*[[2010-12-04: Job: Senior Lecturer in Computer Science (Graphics), Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand]]
*[[2010-11-30: Job: Information Visualization Researcher, Agilent Laboratories]]
*[[2010-11-30: Job: Human Computer Interaction Research Scientist, Agilent Laboratories]]
*[[2010-10-25: CFP: Making visible the invisible: Data Visualisation in Art, Design and Science Collaborations  (Dec. 6th 2010, UK)]]
*[[2010-10-05: Job: Professor and Senior Lecturer in Computing at Northumbria University]]
*[[2010-09-02: CFP: Special Issue on Information Visualization: State of the Field and New Research Directions]]
*[[2010-08-19: Job: PhD Position in Visual Analytics for Network Security]]
*[[2010-08-09: Job: Interaction Designer (InfoVis) for energy consumption research project (FH Potsdam, Berlin, Germany)]]
*[[2010-07-08: CFP: Visual Analytics in Health Care Workshop 2010]]
*[[2010-07-07: CFP: Test wikipedia 2010]]
*[[2010-06-25: CFP: InfoVis Discovery Exhibition @ VisWeek 2010]]
*[[2010-06-22: CFP: Intelligent Data Analysis in bioMedicine And Pharmacology (IDAMAP 2010)]]
*[[2010-06-16: Master by Research in the Area of Visual Analytics (London, UK)]]
*[[2009-16-10: CFP: ACM Symposium on Software Visualization (SoftVis'10) - Posters and Tool Demos]]
*[[2010-06-09: Open Position - Visualization Researchers and Interns - Microsoft Research Asia (Beijing, China)]]
*[[2010-06-01: Open Position - Visualization Research Scientist - Agilent Technologies (Santa Clara, CA, USA]]
*[[2010-05-25: Job: Seeking PROCESSING expert to program interactive information visualizations (Babson College, MA, USA)]]
*[[2010-05-09: CFP: VAKD @ ICDM 2010]]
*[[2010-05-07: Job: Assistant/Associate Professor in HCI and Visualization, VBI at Virginia Tech]]
*[[2010-04-30: Job: PhD Position Available with Clique SRC in Graph Visualization, UCD Dublin]]
*[[2010-03-25: CFP: ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology (ACM TIST) Special Issue on Intelligent Visual Interfaces for Text Analysis]]
*[[2010-03-22: Kasper Hornbæk announced to deliver the keynote at BELIV'10 on April 10, 2010]]
*[[2010-02-16: CFP: VAST @ VisWeek 2010]]
*[[2010-01-28: CFP: 4th Int Symposium on Info Vis in Biomedical Informatics (IVBI)]]
*[[2010-01-28: Job: Summer internship at i2, Cambridge UK]]
*[[2009-12-23: CFP: Arts / Humanities / Complex Networks - a Leonardo satellite symposium at NetSci2010]]
*[[2009-12-16: CFP: IEEE Symposium on Software Visualization (SoftVis'10)]]
*[[2009-11-16: Visual Analytics and Privacy: request for opinions / information / collaboration]]
*[[2009-11-10: CFP: EMBO Workshop on Visualizing Biological Data (VizBi)]]
*[[2009-10-01: CFP: GeoVA(t) - Geospatial Visual Analytics: Focus on Time (workshop and special issue)]]
*[[2009-09-22: Information Visualization of Media Art Archives]]
*[[2009-08-31: Research Position at University of Konstanz, Germany]]
*[[2009-08-22: CFP: Workshop on Visual Analytics in Software Engineering]]
*[[2009-08-21: ]] Deadline extention till 21st of August: 3rd Nokia Ubimedia MindTrek Awards Competition
*[[2009-07-01: Workshop: Announcement, VisWeek Workshop on Collaborative Visualization on Interactive Surfaces]]
*[[2009-06-23: Job: Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Geo Visual Analytics, Memorial University, Canada]]
*[[2009-06-16: Job Offer: 1-2 Years Engineer Position to Design Java Interfaces for Interoperability between InfoVis Toolkits (data model, IO, Layout, etc.), INRIA, Paris, France]]
*[[2009-06-10: Job Offer: PhD candidate fo the research project VIENA (Visual Enterprise Network Analytics), Danube University Krems, Austria]]
*[[2009-06-03: Job Offer: Postdoc in Relational and Multivariate Information Visualization, Groningen, the Netherlands]]
*[[2009-05-19: CFP: InfoVis Discovery Exhibition]]
*[[2009-04-01: Web-based study on visual search]]
*[[2009-03-31: Job: 2 PhD and 1 PostDoc position at INRIA Bordeaux, France]]
*[[2009-03-03: Job: Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Geo Visual Analytics, Memorial University, Canada]]
*[[2009-02-27: Job: Summer internship at i2, Cambridge UK]]
*[[2009-02-21: CFP: VizSec 2009 Workshop on Visualization for Cyber Security]]
*[[2009-02-04: Job Offer: Information Visualization Researcher, New York, USA]]
*[[2009-01-26: Job Offer: PhD Position in Information Visualization, Växjö University, Sweden, and TU Kaiserslautern, Germany]]
*[[2009-01-10: WikIT, a wiki on information mapping, is now open]]
*[[2008-12-19: Job: Postdoc in Visual Perception, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands]]
*[[2008-12-19: Job: PostDoc/PhD position in Visualization and Analysis of Analytical Data, Vienna Univ. of Technology, Austria]]
*[[2008-12-18: CFP: Information Visualization in Biomedical Informatics at IV'09 - July 15, 2009, Barcelona, Spain]]
*[[2008-12-17: CFP for Special Session on Visualization and Collaboration at CTS'09]]
*[[2008-12-15: Job Offer: PostDoc in Visualization at University of Bergen, Norway]]
*[[2008-12-15: What Jobs Are There in Data Visualization?]]
*[[2008-12-11: 1st International Symposium Information Visualization Evaluation (IVE) Call for Papers]]
*[[2008-12-04: Job Offer: Data Analysis and Visual Analytics Ph.D. Fellowships at UNC Charlotte and Georgia Tech]]
*[[2008-12-03: Job Offer: visual and algorithmic analysis of movement and event data, Univ. Bonn]]
*[[2008-11-27: Job Offer: University of Milan is seeking two PhD students]]
*[[2009-10-14: Parsons Journal for Information Mapping (PJIM): Call for Papers and Projects]]
*[[2008-10-21: Live coverage of VisWeek 2008]]
*[[2008-10-20: CFP: Workshop on Collaborative Information Visualization On Interactive Surfaces]]
*[[2008-10-20: 14 Misconceptions About Charts and Graphs]]
*[[2008-10-17: Presentation of Eric Rodenbeck, "information Visualization Is A Medium"]]
*[[2008-10-14: WET: The Website Exploration Tool demo still available at www.infovis.net]]
*[[2008-10-10: BirdEye: visual analytics API under development]]
*[[2008-10-09: Open Position: Visualization Research Scientist at Agilent Laboratories]]
*[[2008-10-02: Job Offer: PhD position in Collaborative Visual Analytics]]
*[[2008-09-03: Job Offer: Tenure-Track Position in Interactive Visual Media at Arizona State University]]
*[[2008-08-26: code_swarm - Dynamic visualization of Open Source Software project evolution]]
*[[2008-07-21: Visual Thinking Taxonomy v5.0]]
*[[2008-07-17: Job Offer: Full Professor of (Scientific) Visualisation at University of Vienna]]
*[[2008-07-03: New educational program on "Interactive Visualization and Data Analysis"]]
*[[2008-06-23: IEEE VisWeek 2008 - 2nd Call for participation]]
*[[2008-06-20: VizSec 2008 - Call for Posters and Demonstrations]]
*[[2008-06-09: IEEE VisWeek 2008 - Call for Student Volunteers]]
*[[2008-06-06: PhD position "An interactive personal assistant for document visualization during meetings" at IDIAP Research Institute, Martigny, Switzerland]]
*[[2008-06-03: Seminar on Interactive Visualization and Data Analysis (in German) at Danube University Krems, Austria]]
*[[2008-06-03: Job Offer: PhD Position in Information Visualization, Växjö University, Sweden, and TU Kaiserslautern, Germany]]
*[[2008-05-27: Four 4(!) open PhD Fellowship Positions]], [http://www.ii.UiB.no/vis/ www.ii.UiB.no/vis], application deadline June 10th, 2008
*[[2008-05-20: Open Position: Designer / Developer for Interactive Visualizations - June 14th 2008]]
*[[2008-05-12: ICAART 2009: Full Paper Submission: July 22 , 2008]]
*[[2008-04-22: Doctoral Positions at Fraunhofer IAIS]]
*[[2008-06-15: Interactive Visualization for Computational Linguistics Tutorial at ACL/HLT '08]]
*[[2008-04-10: CFP: VizSEC 2008 Update]]
*[[2008-03-17: Vis, InfoVis, VAST 2008 Abstract Deadline is coming up]]
*[[2008-03-14: Review Volunteering for Vis, InfoVis, VAST]]
*[[2008-03-10: CFP: Special Issue of IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications (CG&A) on Visual Analytics Evaluation]]
*[[2008-03-10: VAST Challenge 2008 announced]]
*[[2008-03-10: SEMVAST: New Resource on Visual Analytics Evaluation]]
*[[2008-03-06: CFP: Geospatial Visual Analytics, Workshop and Special Issue of the CaGIS journal]]
*[[2008-03-06: Call for Participation: Interactive Visual Exploration of Electronic Health Records Workshop]]
*[[2008-03-05: BIOSTEC 2009: Full Paper Submission: June 27, 2008]]
*[[2008-03-03: Bergen Job Offer: PhD Fellowship in MedVis]]
*[[2008-02-20: InfoVis:Wiki will be temporarily down for maintenance today]]
*[[2008-02-06: New book "Visualization for Information Retrieval" by Jin Zhang]]
*[[2008-01-19: New issue of Inf@Vis! (infovis.net) on "Intelligent Legends" available]]
*[[2008-01-19: Job Offer: Tenured faculty position in HCI at the University of Zurich]]
*[[2008-01-16: Assistant Professor in New Media Technology; MODUL University Vienna, Austria]]
*[[2008-01-16: Job Offer: PhD Position in Information Visualization, Växjö University, Sweden, and TU Kaiserslautern, Germany]]
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