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  • Diagrams 2018: June 18-22, Edinburgh, UK. The 10th international conference on the Theory and Application of Diagrams
  • VINCI 2018: August 13-15, Växjö, Sweden. International Symposium on Visual Information Communication and Interaction
  • VISSOFT 2018: September 24-25, Madrid, Spain. IEEE Working Conference on Software Visualization
  • GD 2018: September 26-28, Barcelona, Spain. The 26th International Symposium on Graph Drawing and Network Visualization
  • BDVA 2018: October 17–19, Konstanz, Germany. The 4th International Symposium on Big Data Visual and Immersive Analytics
  • Information+ 2018: October 19–21, Potsdam, Germany. Interdisciplinary practices in information design & visualization
  • IEEE VIS 2018: October 21–26, Berlin, Germany. IEEE Visual Analytics Science and Technology, IEEE Information Visualization, and IEEE Scientific Visualization
  • VisGuides 2018: October 21 (or 22), Berlin, Germany. 2nd IEEE VIS 2018 Workshop on the Creation, Curation, Critique and Conditioning of Principles and Guidelines in Visualization
  • VISAP'18: October 23-26, Berlin, Germany. IEEE VIS 2018 Arts Program.
  • IVAPP 2019: Feb 25-27, Prague, Czech Republic. International Conference on Information Visualization Theory and Applications