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<h1 style="padding: 5px">Upcoming Events</h1>
<h1 style="padding: 5px">Upcoming Events</h1>
<small>[[Help:How_To_Enter_Events|How to enter events?]]</small>
<small>[[Help:How_To_Enter_Events|How to enter events?]]</small>
*'''[[GD 2019]]''': September 17-20, Prague, Czech Republic. '''27th International Symposium on Graph Drawing and Network Visualization'''
*'''[[EuroVIS + EuroGraphics 2020]]''': Norrköping, Sweden, May 25-29, 2020.
*'''[[VINCI2019]]''': September 20-22, Shanghai, China. '''12th International Symposium on Visual Information Communication and Interaction'''
*'''[[IEEE VIS 2019]]''': October 20-25, Vancouver, Canada. '''IEEE VIS 2019'''
*'''[[VISAP'19]]''': October 21-25, Vancouver, Canada. '''IEEE VIS Arts Program 2019'''
*'''[[IEEE AIVR'19]]''': December 9-11, San Diego, USA. '''IEEE Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality'''
*'''[[BigVis 2020]]''': March 30, Copenhagen, Denmark. '''3rd International Workshop on Big Data Visual Exploration and Analytics'''
*'''[[IEEE PACIFIC VIS 2020]]''': April 14-17, Tianjin, China. '''IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium '''

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Upcoming Events

How to enter events?