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Low-Level Tasks

From [Amar et al. 2005] and [Lee et al 2006].

  • General Tasks
Task Description
Retrieve Value Given a set of cases, find attributes of those cases.
Filter Given some conditions on attributes values, find data cases satisfying those conditions.
Compute Derived Value Given a set of data cases, compute an aggregate numeric representation of those data cases.(e.g. average, median, and count)
Find Extremum Find data cases possessing an extreme value of an attribute over its range within the data set.
Sort Given a set of data cases, rank them according to some ordinal metric.

Determine Range Given a set of data cases and an attribute of interest, find the span of values within the set.

Characterize Distribution Given a set of data cases and a quantitative attribute of interest, characterize the distribution of that attribute’s values over the set.
Find Anomalies Identify any anomalies within a given set of data cases with respect to a given relationship or expectation, e.g. statistical outliers.
Cluster Given a set of data cases, find clusters of similar attribute values.
Correlate Given a set of data cases and two attributes, determine useful relationships between the values of those attributes.
Scan Quickly review a set of items.
Set Operation Given multiple sets of items, perform set operations on them. For example, find the intersection of the set of nodes.

  • Graph Specific Tasks
Task Description
Find Adjacent Nodes Given a node, find its adjacent nodes.

Graph Task Taxonomy

Topology-based Tasks

Attribute-based Tasks

Browsing Tasks

Overview Tasks

High-Level Tasks


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