Mazza, Riccardo

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University of Lugano
Facluty of Communication Sciences
Facluty of Informatics

Academic Grade[edit]

Ph.D in Communication Sciences, Universita della Sivzzera Italiana/ University of Lugano (Switzerland). Title of the dissertation „Using Information Visualisation to Facilitate Instructors in Web-based Distance Education“ Promoted in June 2004

Graduated in Computer Science, University of Pisa, 1997

Postgraduate specialisation in Information Technologies, Centro Cefriel - Milano, 1997


Current Employment[edit]

Universitá della Svizzera Italiana/ University of Lugano, faculty of Communication Sciences: PostDoc researcher and teaching assistant
Universitá della Svizzera Italiana/ University of Lugano, faculty of Informatics: PostDoc teaching assistant
Telos Internet Solutions SAGL, founding partner

Research Interest[edit]

Information Visualization
Student modelling and external graphical representations in distance education

Current Research Projects[edit]

PENG - Personalized News Content Programming
Official Peng Project Homepage
The Fundamental Programming Modules

List of Publications[edit]

Because there are so many publications of Riccardo Mazza, you can find the full list here.


2004 - Best Alternate Tracks Paper Award
Riccardo Mazza, Vania Dimitrova. Visualising Student Tracking Data to Support Instructors in Web-Based Distance Education. In: 13th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW 2004) - Educational Track. New York May 17-22.

1998 - “1st Silicon-Cray Award”
supported by Silicon Graphics Italia & Cray Research. Special mention for the work with title: "Un sistema per il riconoscimento di comandi gestuali".

External Links[edit]

Personal Homepage
University of Lugano
University of Pisa
Centro Cefriel - Milano