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  • PostModernNews A search engine that deconstructs twitter producing 2D theme networks
  • Yuppie-Locator U.S. Neighborhood Rankings based on U.S. Census Data
  • The Map Is The Territory visualizing on-line communities
  • CAIDA (Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis) Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis
  • Mapping Cyberspace
  • NodeXL Tutorial - introduction to social network analysis using the free and open NodeXL.
  • Internet Mapping Project The Internet Mapping Project was started at Bell Labs in the summer of 1998. Its long-term goal is to acquire and save Internet topological data over a long period of time. This data has been used in the study of routing problems and changes, DDoS attacks, and graph theory.
  • An Atlas of Cyberspaces - Information Space Maps Example cybermaps represent Cyberspaces as two dimensional maps.
  • Map of the Market Famous Treemap application of stock market data.
  • WEBSOM A novel SOM-based approach to free-text mining
  • The Visual Thesaurus a Dictionary of the English Language
  • Traceroute IP Mapping mapping and visualising the internet.
  • David Rumsey Historical Map Collection The David Rumsey Historical Map Collection has over 11,000 maps online.
  • MetaMap The MetaMap is a pedagogical graphic which takes the form of a subway map. Its aim is to help the information science community to understand metadata standards, sets, and initiatives of interest in this area.
  • the World as a Blog
  • Charlie Kershner Cartography online map portfolio.
  • Non-Geographic Mapping The Work of Jonathan J. Harris
  • Geographic Visualization Science, Technology & Applications Center
  • HitMaps show the locations of all visitors to any website
  • Zoomable Map of Switzerland
  • Earth Map high resolution photos.
  • The Opte Project This project was created to make a visual representation of a space that is very much one-dimensional, a metaphysical universe. The data represented and collected here serves a multitude of purposes: Modeling the Internet, analyzing wasted IP space, IP space distribution, detecting the result of natural disasters, weather, war, and esthetics/art. This project is free and represents a lot of donated time, please enjoy.
  • Census 2000 Maps
  • Geographically accurate Tube map (
  • DC Flyby Washington DC semi 3D map visualization.
  • Relational Perspective Map Multidimensional scaling on closed manifolds.
  • SemaSpace Graph editor for large knowledge networks.
  • Genealogy of Influence Graph of biographical entries in Wikipedia linked by creative influence.
  • Travel-time Maps Using colours and contour lines to show how long it takes to travel between one particular place and every other place in the area, using public transport.
  • 3D Live Statsapplication that allows the visualization of any sort of data (e.g. website usage or offline data from external sources) on a 3D globe
  • StatPlanet Map Maker StatPlanet is a browser-based interactive data visualization and mapping application. Use it to easily and rapidly create visualizations from simple Flash maps to advanced infographics.
  • map your data - bietet Ihnen ein kostenloses Visualisierungswerkzeug, mit dem Sie ortsbezogene Daten z.B. aus schwer verständlichen Tabellen ohne Programmieraufwand in ansprechende, leicht verständliche Visualisierungen umwandeln können.
  • Kartograph Kartograph - Kartograph is a simple and lightweight framework for building interactive map applications without Google Maps or any other mapping service.


  • a comprehensive repository of complex network visualizations
  • InFlow Social Network Analysis Software and Services by Valdis Krebs

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