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<h1 style="padding: 5px">Upcoming/Recent Events</h1>
<small>[[Help:How_To_Enter_Events|How to enter events?]]</small>
[[:Category:Events|'''More events...''']]<div align="right">{{edit|Template:Conferences}}</div>  
[[:Category:Events|'''More events...''']]<div align="right">{{edit|Template:Conferences}}</div>  

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welcome to the InfoVis:Wiki, the Information Visualization community platform

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The InfoVis:Wiki project is intended to provide a community platform and forum integrating recent developments and news on all areas and aspects of Information Visualization.

Using editable–by–anyone Wiki technology turned out to be the only way of keeping the presented information up to date and knowledge exchange vivid.

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Created and maintained by the InfoVis:Wiki team
InfoVis:Wiki is hosted by Institute of Software Technology & Interactive Systems at Vienna University of Technology

Contact: infovis (at) ifs.tuwien.ac.at

Upcoming Events

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