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On June 15, 2008, a tutorial on Interactive Visualization for Computational Linguistics was offered by Christopher Collins, Sheelagh Carpendale, and Gerald Penn at ACL-08 (June 15, 2008; Columbus, Ohio, USA).

We hope this space will become a place for tutorial attendees and anyone interested in the topic to post new research ideas, links to appropriate publication venues, questions about the various available tools for visualization, and engage in a research-oriented discussion.



Tutorial Attendees: Thanks for your participation and helpful feedback! If you need the link to the revised slides, please contact me at!



Open Research Problems

I plan to fill this in in the next few days, probably before Wednesday June 18.

Background Links

Visualizations of language over at Infosthetics.

You can try for yourself the demo that we had trouble presenting, it's called We Feel Fine.

Annotated Bibliography

Visualizations of Language Online

World Atlas of Language Structure -- an interesting mash up of linguistic study and geographic maps