Kerren, A., Purchase, H.C., and Ward M.O. (Eds.): Multivariate Network Visualization, volume 8380 of LNCS State-of-the-Art Survey, Springer, 2014

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[Springer, 2014]

Type: Softcover
Editors: Andreas Kerren, Helen C. Purchase, and Matt O. Ward
Pages: 237
Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: April 2014
Series: Volume 8380 of LNCS State-of-the-Art Survey

This book is the outcome of the Dagstuhl Seminar 13201 on Information Visualization - Towards Multivariate Network Visualization, held in Dagstuhl Castle, Germany in May 2013.

The goal of this Dagstuhl Seminar was to bring together theoreticians and practitioners from Information Visualization, HCI and Graph Drawing with a special focus on multivariate network visualization, i.e., on graphs where the nodes and/or edges have additional (multidimensional) attributes. The integration of multivariate data into complex networks and their visual analysis is one of the big challenges not only in visualization, but also in many application areas. Thus, in order to support discussions related to the visualization of real world data, also invited researchers from selected application areas, especially bioinformatics, social sciences and software engineering. The unique "Dagstuhl climate" ensured an open and undisturbed atmosphere to discuss the state-of-the-art, new directions and open challenges of multivariate network visualization. [Springer, 2014]

ISBN 978-3-319-06792-6

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • 1 The Value of Information Visualization (J.-D. Fekete, J.J. van Wijk, J.T. Stasko, and C. North)
  • 2 Evaluating Information Visualization (S. Carpendale)
  • 3 Theoretical Foundations of Information Visualization (H.C. Purchase, N. Andrienko, T.J. Jankun-Kelly, and M. Ward)
  • 4 Teaching Information Visualization (A. Kerren, J.T. Stasko, and J. Dykes)
  • 5 Creation and Collaboration: Engaging New Audiences for Information Visualization (J. Heer, F. van Ham, S. Carpendale, C. Weaver, and P. Isenberg)
  • 6 Process and Pitfalls in Writing Information Visualization Research Papers (T. Munzner)
  • 7 Visual Analytics: Definition, Process, and Challenges (D. Keim, G. Andrienko, J.-D. Fekete, C. Görg, J. Kohlhammer, and G. Melançon)
  • Author Index


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