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== Authors ==
* [http://infovis-wiki.net/index.php/Williamson%2C_Christopher Williamson, Christopher]
* [http://infovis-wiki.net/index.php/Shneiderman%2C_Ben Shneiderman, Ben]
== Short description ==
The dynamic Homfinder was created to search and visualize Databases. As the name implies, the first use case scenario was a home finding application, where the user was able to find real estates, by adjusting graphical widgets (sliders, ...).
== Advantages using dynamic Homfinder ==
* Continuous update of the query results
* Fully visual interface (no query language needed)
* Reversible operations
* Immediate results
* almost no training needed
== Disadvantages using dynamic Homefinder ==
* complex dynamic Queries need a lot of screen real estate
* underlying data structures need to support rapid querying
== Suitable Datatypes ==
* data should be graphical representable
* slider widgets rely on numerical data
== Interaction ==
* multiple slider interface
* buttons
* dynamic map display that displays house location
* single view
==Internal Links==
* http://infovis-wiki.net/index.php/Dynamic_query
== References ==
*[ACM, 1992] ACM, I ACM Press New York, http://portal.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=133216&coll=portal&dl=ACM&CFID=8530671&CFTOKEN=55015481

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