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  1. Click on the link "edit/add..." below the news entries on the Main Page.
  2. Insert a story headline (including the current date).
    Format: *[[YEAR-MONTH-DATE: TITLE]]
    Example: *[[2005-06-20: InfoVis:Wiki upgrades to MediaWiki 1.4.5]]
  3. "Save page"
  4. Click newly created Wiki link (red) and edit the text of your entry
  5. Assign TWO categories to your entry (News + Archive)
    1. [[Category:News]] (without this, it won't appear in the RSS feed)
    2. [[Category:YEAR/MONTH]] (this is important for the archive)
Example: [[Category:News]][[Category:2005/06]]


Story Headline (on Main Page)

*[[2005-06-20: InfoVis:Wiki upgrades to MediaWiki 1.4.5]]

News entry

''InfoVis:Wiki'' was upgraded to [ MediaWiki] version 1.4.5 for reasons of security and reliability.