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Enter link to event entry on Main Page

  1. Click on the link edit/add... on the bottom of the Upcoming/Recent Events section on the Main Page (right column).
  2. Insert the event at the respective position (events are ordered ascending by date).
    *[[InfoVis 2007]]: October 28-30, 2007, Sacramento, CA, USA. IEEE Symposium on '''Information Visualization'''.
  3. "Save page"

Enter event details

  1. Click newly created Wiki link (red) to add details for your entry
Copy the following example and enter/adjust your details:
*'''Title''': 13th IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization 2007
*'''Date:''' October 28 - 30, 2007
*'''Location:''' [[wikipedia:Sacramento|Sacramento]], [[wikipedia:California|CA]], [[wikipedia:USA|USA]]
*'''Proceedings Publisher:''' IEEE Computer Society

*'''Abstract Submission Deadline:''' March 21, 2007
*'''Paper Submission Deadline:''' March 31, 2007

Held in conjunction with the IEEE Visualization 2007 (Vis07) and [[VAST 2007]] conference.

2. "Save page"

Add event entry in archive

  1. Copy the event link entry you created at Upcoming/Recent Events on the Main Page
  2. Go to category Category:Conferences
  3. Paste copied link entry at respective position (remember: events should be ordered by date)
  4. "Save page"