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== Search Engines ==
We definitely need more smart ppeole like you around.
*[http://www.wolframalpha.com Wolfram|Alpha]
*[http://lib.berkeley.edu/wikis/datalab/Main/GoogleSearch Social Science Data Search] Google Custom Search Engine @ Berkeley Library (targets 800+ academic, government agency, non-profit, and other web sites that provide high quality, downloadable statistical information and data sets. Emphasis is on data pertaining to the social sciences, health, developing countries, energy, natural resources, and the environment)
== Misc ==
*[http://hcil.cs.umd.edu/localphp/hcil/vast/archive/ Visual Analytics Benchmark Repository]
*[http://www.ics.uci.edu/~mlearn/MLRepository.html UCI Machine Learning Repository]
*[http://kdd.ics.uci.edu/ UCI KDD Archive] UCI Knowledge Discovery in Databases Archive
*[http://www.cs.washington.edu/research/xmldatasets/ UW XML Repository] University of Washington XML Data Repository
*[http://lib.stat.cmu.edu/modules.php?op=modload&name=Downloads&file=index&req=viewsdownload&sid=31 StatLib] Data, Software and News from the Statistics Community
*[http://lib.stat.cmu.edu/general/tsa/tsa.html Time Series Analysis and Its Applications] Book Example Data
*[http://www-personal.buseco.monash.edu.au/~hyndman/TSDL/ Time Series Data Library]
*[http://www.bized.ac.uk/timeweb/ TimeWeb] Web-based time series databanks
*[http://lisp.vse.cz/pkdd99/Challenge/ PKDD 2000 Challenge] Challenges of European Conferences on Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases
*[http://www.physionet.org/ PhysioNet] the research resource for complex physiologic signals
*[http://math.nist.gov/MatrixMarket/ MatrixMarket] A visual repository of test data for use in comparative studies of algorithms for numerical linear algebra, featuring nearly 500 sparse matrices from a variety of applications, as well as matrix generation tools and services.
*[http://www.geog.port.ac.uk/lifeline/ LifeLine project] Visualising Migrations, Transitions and Trajectories
*[http://www.tenbyten.org/developers.html 10x10] Every hour, 10x10 gathers the 100 most important words and pictures in the world, based on what's happening in the news.
*[http://iv.slis.indiana.edu/db/index.html InfoVis Cyberinfrastructure Data Bases]
*[http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~enron/ Enron Email Dataset]
*[http://kumo.swcp.com/stocks/ Historical Stock Data] Historical Data for S&P 500 Stocks
*[http://www.ensembl.org/info/data/download.html Ensembl] Provides sequence databases of gene, transcript and protein predictions.
* [http://www.epa.gov/air/data/index.html EPA air quality] AirData Web site gives you access to air pollution data for the entire United States.
* [http://ivpr.cs.uml.edu/shootout/about.html Network intrusion dataset]
* [http://research.lumeta.com/ches/map/ Internet Backbone Data] Internet Mapping Project
*[http://www.cs.ucr.edu/~eamonn/TSDMA/main.php UCR Time Series Data Mining Archive] A resource for researchers interested in the clustering, classification, indexing, segmentation, change point detection and rule extraction of time series. (by Eamonn Keogh)
*[http://www.bundesbank.de/statistik/statistik_zeitreihen.php Deutsche Bundesbank Zeitreihen]
*[http://www.sasi.group.shef.ac.uk/worldmapper/data_sources.html Source data sources of the Worldmapper project] ([http://www.worldmapper.org Worldmapper project])
*[http://www.worldbank.org/data Worldbank] Development Data & Statistics
*[http://www.b-eye-network.com/newsletters/data_viz_contest/data_viz.html Business Intelligence Network 2006 Data Visualization Competition] (Excel spreadsheet)
*[http://www.cs.ucr.edu/%7Eeamonn/discords/ Timeseries by Eamonn Keogh et al.]
*[http://www.bls.gov/data/home.htm U.S. Department of Labor] Bureau of Labor Statistics
*[http://www.nationalatlas.gov/atlasftp.html National Atlas]
*[http://www.airquality.co.uk/archive/data_and_statistics_home.php UK Air Quality Archive] Air Quality data in the UK from the present back to 1960
*[http://www.merl.com/wmd/ Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs (MERL)] Motion sensor data from a network of over 200 sensors for a year ([[WMD 2007]]).
*[http://www.erso.eu/data/content/introduction.htm European Road Safety Observatory] Road Safety Data
*[http://ec.europa.eu/transport/roadsafety/road_safety_observatory/care_en.htm CARE] Community database on road accidents resulting in death or injury (EU)
*[http://www.oecd.org/document/53/0,2340,en_2649_34351_2002165_1_1_1_1,00.html IRTAD] international database that gathers data on traffic and road accidents from 28 out of the 30 OECD Member countries
*[http://cdiac.esd.ornl.gov/trends/trends.htm Trends Online] A Compendium of Data on Global Change
*[http://finder.geocommons.com/ Finder!] Finder is a browser-based application for finding, organizing and sharing GeoData in common formats.
*[http://www.icwsm.org/2009/data/ ICWSM 2009 Data Challenge] data set containing 44 million blog posts; suitable for link analysis, social network extraction, analysis of influence among bloggers, ...
*[http://www.ckan.net/ CKAN] Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network
*[http://numbrary.com/ Numbrary] Numbrary is a free online service dedicated to finding, using and sharing numbers on the web.
*[http://infochimps.org/ Infochimps] Free Redistributable Rich Data Sets
*[http://dss.ucar.edu/catalogs/free.html CISL Research Data Archive] CISL Research Data Archive (RDA) - large and diverse collection of meteorological and oceanographic observations, operational and reanalysis model outputs, and remote sensing datasets
*[http://search.dss.ucar.edu/cgi-bin/rdabrowse?nb=true&c=list&cv=All+RDA+Datasets CISL Research Data Archive] CISL Research Data Archive (RDA) dataset selection according to variables, time resolution, etc.
*[http://www.pachube.com/ pachube] a service that enables you to connect, tag and share real time sensor data from objects, devices, buildings and environments around the world.
*[http://data.worldbank.org/ The World Bank Open Data]
*[http://www.google.com/publicdata/directory Google Public Data Explorer]
*[http://odysseas.calit2.uci.edu/doku.php/public:online_social_networks#available_datasets Facebook social graph, weighted random walks, and applications] Representative sample of Facebook users, weighted sample of college Facebook users and full sample of Facebook applications over a period of ~6 months.
*[http://www.statistikbanken.dk/statbank5a/SelectTable/Omrade0.asp?PLanguage=1 StatBank Denmark] StatBank Denmark contains detailed statistical information on the Danish society. The database is free of charge and data can be exported in several file formats and presented as diagrams or maps.
*[http://data.3tu.nl/repository/ 3TU.Datacentrum] offers the knowledge, experience and the tools to archive research data in a standardized, secure and well-documented manner.
*[http://www.cc.gatech.edu/gvu/ii/jigsaw/datafiles.html Jigsaw Datafiles]
*[http://stat-computing.org/dataexpo/ American Statistical Association (ASA) Bi-Annual Data Exposition]
*[http://lib.stat.cmu.edu/DASL/ Data and Story Library (DASL)] An online library of data files and stories that illustrate the use of basic statistics methods, from Carnegie Mellon
*[http://sunsite3.berkeley.edu/wikis/datalab/ Berkeley Data Lab]
*[http://www.stat.ucla.edu/data/ UCLA Statistics Data Sets]
*[http://www.freebase.com/ Freebase] A community effort that mostly provides data on people, places, and things.
*[http://aggdata.com Aggdata] repository of for-sale datasets, mostly focused on comprehensive lists of retail locations.
*[http://aws.amazon.com/publicdatasets Amazon Public Data Sets]
== Geography ==
(based on a list in [[Yau, N.: Visualize This: The FlowingData Guide to Design, Visualizations, and Statistics, Wiley, 2011 | Nathan Yau's book "Visualize This"]])
*[http://www.census.gov/geo/www/tiger/ TIGER] From the Census Bureau, probably the most extensive detailed data about roads, railroads, rivers, and ZIP codes you can find.
*[http://www.openstreetmap.org/ OpenStreetMap]
*[http://www.geocommons.com/ GeoCommons] Both data and a mapmaker
== World ==
(based on a list in [[Yau, N.: Visualize This: The FlowingData Guide to Design, Visualizations, and Statistics, Wiley, 2011 | Nathan Yau's book "Visualize This"]])
*[http://www.globalhealthfacts.org/ Global Health Facts] Health-related data about countries in the world.
*[http://data.un.org/ UNdata] Aggregator of world data from a variety of sources.
*[http://www.who.int/research/en/ World Health Organization] Again, a variety of health-related datasets such as mortality and life expectancy.
*[http://stats.oecd.org/ OECD Statistics] Major source for economic indicators.
*[http://data.worldbank.org World Bank] Data for hundreds of indicators and developer-friendly.
== Open Government Data / Government and Politics==
=== Austria ===
*[http://gov.opendata.at Open Government Data Austria]
*[http://offener.datenkatalog.at/ Collection of Open Data in Austria]
* [http://datamarket.com/ DataMarket.com] is a data portal that provides access to statistics and structured data from various public and private sector organizations.
=== UK ===
*[http://data.gov.uk/ Data.gov.uk] Catalog for data supplied by government organizations.
=== USA ===
*[http://www.census.gov/ Census Bureau] extensive demographics.
*[http://data.gov/ Data.gov] Catalog for data supplied by government organizations.
*[http://datasf.org/ DataSF] Data specific to San Francisco.
*[http://nyc.gov/data/ NYC] Data specific to New York.
*[http://www.followthemoney.org/ Follow the Money] Big set of tools and datasets to investigate money in state politics.
*[http://www.opensecrets.org/ OpenSecrets] provides details on government spending and lobbying.
== InfoVis Contest Datasets ==
* [http://www.cs.umd.edu/hcil/iv03contest/datasets.html InfoVis 2003 Contest] Tree data
* [http://www.cs.umd.edu/hcil/iv04contest/info.html InfoVis 2004 Contest] Meta Data of publications
* [http://ivpr.cs.uml.edu/infovis05/ InfoVis 2005 Contest] Technology Trends in the United States
* [http://sun.cs.lsus.edu/iv06/ InfoVis 2006 Contest] 1% public use microdata sample from the 2002 Census
* [http://eagereyes.org/InfoVisContest2007Data.html InfoVis 2007 Contest] Movie Database
* [http://www.merl.com/wmd/infovis.html InfoVis 2008 Contest] MERL motion sensor data
== Other Lists ==
*[http://graphics.stanford.edu/~klingner/online_databases.html Jeff Klingner's List of Online Databases]
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