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Melodies of Jyoti Prasad Agarwala  শুনি খুৱ ভাল পালোঁ আৰু জ্যোতিপ্ৰসাদ আগৰৱালাৰ ইংৰাজী কবিতাটো মনত পৰি গল্..জ্যোতিপ্ৰসাদ আগৰৱালাৰ ইংৰাজী কবিতাটোI'll be loving you awaylsWith a love that's true awaylsWhen the things you've plannedNeed a helping handI will understand awaylsDays may not be fair awaylsThat's when I'll be thee awaylsNot for just an hourNot for just a dayNot fr just a yearBut awayls.Everything went, and the whole day longI felt so blueFor the longest while I forget to smile,Then I met youNow that my blue days have-Now that I have found you at last.