2022-10-03: CFP: Special Issue of Information Visualization on Visual Text Analytics (Deadline: January 31, 2023)

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Special Issue of Information Visualization on Visual Text Analytics

Submission deadline: January 31, 2023
Expected publication: September 2023

Visualizing textual information is a particularly challenging area of information visualization and visual analytics research. The types of data processing and analytic algorithms differ greatly from tabular or geospatial data, and the visualization techniques have additional constraints to consider, including the provision of context for text fragments of similar or different size and structure, depicting embeddings and high dimensional representations, and ensuring legibility of text incorporated into visualizations. The wide variation in data is accompanied by the difficulties in inferring the semantic meaning of ambiguous terms, or determining the referencing between subsequent statements.

We invite the community to submit new articles examining the challenges and successes when applying information visualization to text analytics. Articles may focus on theories, methodologies, techniques and evaluations of visual text analytics approaches and systems. Articles that specifically explore the state of research within the specific theme of this special issue are also welcome, but position papers are not in the focus of the journal. Specific topics of interest, all in context of visual text analytics, are for instance

  • Text Data Sources and Diversity
  • Model Explainability and Interpretability
  • Evaluation and Experimental Designs
  • Perceptual Issues Depicting Data with Text
  • Representation and Visualization of Text and Documents
  • Interaction Design in Visual Text Analytics
  • Toolkits and Standards
  • Text Visualization Literacy
  • Generating Text to Accompany Visualizations
  • Uncertainty Localization and Propagation in Text Visualization
  • Support for Text Data Annotation
  • Visual Analysis of Bias in Text Analytics

Inquiries can be made to any of the guest editors. Please inform the guest editors of your intent to submit. For further author information and submission guidelines, we refer to the following web page:


Guest Editors

  • Christopher Collins (Ontario Tech University, Canada), christopher.collins@ontariotechu.ca
  • Antske Fokkens (Free University Amsterdam, Netherlands), antske.fokkens@vu.nl
  • Andreas Kerren (Linköping University and Linnaeus University, Sweden), andreas.kerren@liu.se
  • Chris Weaver (University of Oklahoma, USA), cweaver@ou.edu