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Job title: Researchers and Interns

The Internet Graphics group at Microsoft Research Asia (Beijing) is seeking applicants for associate researchers, researchers, and interns. The Internet Graphics group just initiated research in the general area of information visualization, intelligent user interaction, and visual analytics. In particular, we are interested in designing and developing novel visual metaphors and interactive visualization algorithms and technologies that help average users or business users easily consume huge amounts of complex data/information to discover patterns and derive insights. Our group is multi-disciplinary, with members from fields ranging from information visualization, intelligent user interaction, and computer graphics. We also closely collaborated with the Machine Learning and Data Mining groups at MSRA. The complimentary nature of our skills creates an exciting environment for research and exploration.

We are currently seeking qualified researchers and interns whose research interests overlap with our efforts in the following areas:

Interactive, visual text analytics: research and develop interactive visual metaphors and tools to transform text collections into a visual representation that helps reveal thematic patterns and locate interesting information: 1) design novel visual metaphors and interaction techniques to convey complex text analytic results and make them consumable by average users or business users; 2) interaction techniques that help users examine text from multiple perspectives to help compensate the deficiencies of text analysis technologies; 3) seamlessly marry interactive visualization with text analytics techniques to drive a full visual text analysis life cycle and tailor the analysis process to a person’s tasks and situations. .

Interactive, visual social network analysis: research and develop interactive visual metaphors and tools to aid in fast social network exploration and understanding: 1) design and develop interactive visualization metaphors and interaction techniques to visually illustrate, summarize, and explain large social network patterns and various dynamic network updates; 2) design and develop highly interactive, novel graph-based metaphors and algorithms for visualizing time-sensitive social communities and their evolutions; and 3) tightly integrate the state-of-the-art network analysis technologies with interactive visualization to support a full life-cycle of interactive social network analysis.


We are looking for candidates with research interests and a proven research track record in information visualization or scientific visualization. Candidates for this position must have: 1. Proved strong research capabilities in the above areas 2. Strong programming skills in C++/C# 3. Great team player 4. Excellent oral and written English skills

Desired Experience

Extensive knowledge and research experience in information or scientific visualization. Additional research experience in the areas of intelligent user interfaces and human-computer interaction would be a plus. 1. Extensive experience in designing and developing interactive, large object-oriented software systems 2. Knowledge of the following one or more areas preferred: machine learning, data mining, text analytics, and network analysis techniques 3. A strong background in mathematics also preferred

Educational level

Ph.D. in Computer Science or relevant fields is required for associate researchers and researchers. Preference will be given to candidates who have experience in conducting or willing to engage in interdisciplinary and collaborative research. Job type: Regular/Intern For more information, or to apply, please contact us at: shliu@microsoft.com