2009-06-03: Job Offer: Postdoc in Relational and Multivariate Information Visualization, Groningen, the Netherlands

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Faculty/department: Scientific Visualization and Computer Graphics Group, Mathematics and Computer Science Faculty, Univ. of Groningen, the Netherlands
Level: PhD
Maximum employment: Maximum of 38 hours per week (1 FTE)
Duration of contract: One year with possibility of extension
Salary scale: Maximum of Euro 4284 per month gross

Job description

We offer a postdoc position in the area of visualization and exploration of large relational databases. This position is offered in the framework of the Academic Research Cooperation (ARC) programme of Business Objects (BOBJ), a division of SAP Inc, one of the largest software database companies in the world. BOBJ is interested to foster cutting-edge research in the area of visual analysis, exploration, and presentation of very large database systems. Relevant research questions include the compact and insightful presentation of large multivariate datasets; the design and application of novel visualization metaphors to enable users to get more insight in, and answer concrete questions on, a variety of databases originating from different application domains such as business, telecom, and government data. In particular, it is interesting to study how existing visualization metaphors such as treemaps, table lenses, dense pixel displays, charts, and node-link diagrams can be extended and combined to allow users to correlate value and structural correlations and changes in time in such databases. An important component of this research is the validation of proposed metaphors in the context of real-world systems where scalability of both the data presentation and data mining are important problems.

The position stresses on research excellence, creativity, and will to publish novel results in the main journals and conferences in the field (IEEE TVCG, IEEE InfoVis, IEEE VAST and similar). Cooperation with researchers at BOBJ will provide a concrete framework for use-cases, datasets, and software with which new ideas can be developed, tested, and eventually deployed in real-world applications. The project will also cooperate with the ongoing VISMASTER European Coordinated Action for promoting Visual Analytics research in Europe.


We seek a post-doc who is highly motivated to conduct research in the field of information visualization with a focus on multivariate large databases. Ideal candidates should have a PhD in the area of information and/or data visualization. Familiarity with or background in data mining and visual analytics are an advantage. Fluency in a major programming language such as C, C++, C# or Java is required. Experience with OpenGL or similar graphics programming APIs are highly desirable.

The post-doc will also be offered the possibility of cooperating with other members of the Scientific Visualization and Computer Graphics group in Groningen in areas such as information visualization, interactive systems, and photorealistic rendering. The candidate will work closely with prof. dr. Alexandru (Alex) Telea from the Univ. of Groningen and dr. Chahab Nastar from BOBJ, Paris, France.

Conditions of employment

This position has a temporary employment basis of one year. The estimated starting salary is € 2,916 (based on scale 10.5) with a maximum of € 4,284 per month gross (based on scale 11, with a full-time appointment and depending on experience). The University of Groningen offers an attractive benefits package, including a flexible work week and ultramodern research facilities. Salary and benefits are in accordance with the Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch Universities. The city of Groningen offers an excellent atmosphere combining old and new, as well as a vibrant student life. The position has ample resources for travel to conferences and scientific events.

Information and application

For more information about this position, please contact prof. dr. Alexandru (Alex) Telea, phone: +31(0)611395166, e-mail: A.C.Telea (at) rug.nl. To apply, please send a detailed CV and publication list along with a letter of application to the above e-mail address. The position is open immediately.

SVCG - http://www.cs.rug.nl/svcg