2008-07-17: Job Offer: Full Professor of (Scientific) Visualisation at University of Vienna

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Job Announcement

As stated in its development plan (http://www.univie.ac.at/rektorenteam/ug2002/entwicklungsplan.html) the University of Vienna aims at strengthening its position as a major research-oriented university. Key elements of this strategy include the provision of an attractive range of research-based study programmes, support for furthering the work of junior academic colleagues, and high-calibre professorial appointments.

The Faculty of Computer Science of the University of Vienna announces the position of a

Full Professor of (Scientific) Visualisation

(full time permanent position under private law). The University of Vienna intends to increase the number of women on its faculty, particularly in high-level positions, and therefore specifically invites applications by women. Among equally qualified applicants women will receive preferential consideration.

In our understanding Visualisation comprises all models, methods and techniques which enable the production of pictures, diagrams and animations to convey messages. The techniques of visualisation penetrate all areas of science and research and are well establishes as an interdisciplinary key technology bridging to other disciplines like natural and life sciences, economics, and media and communication sciences. Therefore it is expected that this professorship will essentially contribute to bootstrap and strengthen the University-wide research focus on Computational Sciences.

We are looking for a person with high scientific reputation and extensive experiences in several of the following areas: visualisation of large data sets, information visualisation and visual analytics, geometrical and numerical methods for visualisation, aspects of perception and cognition for visualisation, innovative display- and interaction-methods and application of visualisation.

Successful candidates will have the following qualifications:

  • PhD and post-doctoral experience at a university or other research institution. (Austrian or equivalent international academic degree in the relevant field)
  • Outstanding research and publication record, with an excellent reputation as an active member in the international academic community (Habilitation (venia docendi) or equivalent international qualification in the relevant field is desirable)
  • Experience in designing, procuring and directing major research projects, and willingness and ability to assume the responsibility of team leadership
  • Experience in university teaching, and willingness and ability to teach at all curricular levels, to supervise theses, and to further the work of junior academic colleagues
  • The University of Vienna expects the successful candidate to acquire, within three years, proficiency in German sufficient for teaching in Bachelor programmes and participation in committees

The University of Vienna offers

  • Attractive terms and conditions of employment with a negotiable and performance-related salary, associated with a retirement fund
  • A “start-up package” for the initiation of research projects
  • An attractive and dynamic research location in a city with a high quality of life and in a country with excellent research funding provision
  • Support for relocation to Vienna, where appropriate

Candidates should send an application containing at least the following documents:

  • Academic curriculum vitae
  • Brief description of current research interests and research plans for the immediate future
  • List of publications together with
    • specification of five key publications judged by the applicant to be particularly relevant to the advertised professorship together with an explanation of their relevance
    • PDF versions of these five publications provided either as email attachments or through URLs of downloadable copies (PDF versions of monographs need only be provided if easily available.)
  • List of talks given, including detailed information about invited plenaries at international conferences
  • List of projects supported by third-party funds Short survey of previous academic teaching and list of supervised PhD theses

Applications, written in English should be sent to the Dean of the Faculty of Informatics of the University of Vienna, Dr.-Karl-Lueger Ring 1, A-1010 Vienna, and in electronic form (preferentially as a pdf file) to Heinz.Achtsnit (at) univie.ac.at, no later than September 30th, 2008 and be referenced under the Identification Nr.136a/2008.