2008-03-14: Review Volunteering for Vis, InfoVis, VAST

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Dear colleague,

VisWeek 2008, October 19-24, 2008, Columbus, Ohio, USA http://vis.computer.org/VisWeek2008/

We have you on our list of people potentially interested in reviewing visualization papers. We do hope that you are willing to provide us with your help in the reviewing process for one or more of the following events:

- Vis 2008 (IEEE Visualization Conference) - InfoVis 2008 (IEEE Information Visualization Conference) - VAST 2008 (IEEE Symposium on Visual Analytics Science and Technology)

This year, we will be using a different submission and review system, namely SRM, for the above conferences. To ensure an appropriate reviewing assignment, it will be of great help to us, if you would undertake the following steps:

- Go to the conference system, SRM, at http://egmcp1.cgv.tugraz.at/

- If you have already had an SRM account, log onto the system

using <LOGIN> (left sidebar). In case that you have forgotten
your login details, use <Forgot your password?> (top right) to
retrieve such details.

- If you do not have an SRM account, please register with the

system using <Register> (left sidebar).

Once you have logged onto the system, please use <Personal settings> (left sidebar)to update your personal details; and use <Reviewing Preferences> (left sidebar) to update your review expertise and the maximum review load.

Please note that Vis, InfoVis and VAST share the same table for reviewing preferences. So you can choose any of the followings to enter your reviewing preferences.


Your willingness to help us in the reviewing process is essential in ensuring a high quality decision process for IEEE Vis 2008, IEEE InfoVis 2008, and IEEE VAST 2008.

Many Thanks for your efforts,

Min Chen, Chuck Hansen, Kwan-Liu Ma IEEE Visualization 2008 papers chairs

Chris North, Sheelagh Carpendale IEEE InfoVis 2008 papers chairs

Thomas Ertl, David Ebert IEEE VAST 2008 conference chairs