2007-10-08: Job Offer: PhD Position in Information Visualization, Växjö University, Sweden

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Doctoral Student in Computer Science (Information Visualization)[edit]

placed at the School of Mathematics and System Engineering (MSI), Växjö University, Sweden

We invite applications for a doctoral position in which you will be engaged in the solution of challenging visualization problems and the development of novel human-centered visualization tools in an inspiring, cooperative, and technically well-equipped environment with many international collaboration partners, especially in Germany and the USA.

The position is financed by the new research group Information and Software Visualization (ISOVIS, headed by Dr. Andreas Kerren) that mainly focuses on analysis and visualization of large, mostly abstract data sets, for example, in software engineering, geography, or biology. Two important aspects of this research are consideration of the human visual and haptic systems, as well as tests and evaluations that are to result in measurement and improvement of visualization efficiency and usability. Our research will also provide an opportunity to explore the emerging field of visual analytics.

The work tasks mainly consist of:

  • Post-graduate studies in the subject field computer science with special emphasis on visualization, human-computer interfaces, and software technology.
  • Research within the subject field computer science with special emphasis on and research in computer science focusing on information and software visualization.
  • Teaching, supervision and examination in computer science with a maximum load of 20% of your working time.

Applicants for this PhD position should meet general admission requirements for post-graduate studies in computer science, i.e., a very good Bachelor’s degree or equivalent as well as at least 60 credit points in the subject. For instance, a Master’s degree in computer science or related fields is a significant merit.

Prior experience in one or more of the following fields would be an advantage: information visualization, software visualization, graph drawing, computer graphics, human-computer interaction, or visual analytics. However, we encourage all well qualified candidates with strong interest in our research areas to apply! Good proficiency in English, programming skills, and willingness to interdisciplinary research are also required. Knowledge of Swedish is not a mandatory prerequisite for application.

In the weighing of the bases for assessment, special emphasis is put on the applicant’s ability to benefit from post-graduate studies. Växjö University aims for enhancing the number of women in the subject and particularly invites women to apply. The position is full-time for five years and available immediately. A PhD position in Sweden is a regular job with social benefits; the net salary amounts currently to about 16.000 SEK per month.

Additional information:

Associate Professor Andreas Kerren, phone: +46 470 76 71 02, e-mail: andreas.kerren AT vxu.se;

Dean Hans Frisk, phone: +46 470 70 84 01, e-mail: hans.frisk AT vxu.se; or,

The Students’ Union in Växjö, phone: +46 470 75 54 55, e-mail: siv AT vxu.se.

Application marked with reference number 770/2007 must have reached Växjö University, Personnel Department, 351 95 VÄXJÖ, Sweden, not later than October 29, 2007. Please attach two copies of your complete CV including cover letter, publication list and/or a brief abstract on your thesis, names of two referees, and attested enclosures.

Växjö University

Job Description as PDF