2007-03-10: ShoppingPath.com: interactive shopping visualization tool

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   ShopingPaths are a new model/generation of product comparison interface. It uses a mix of

Ajax and Flash to provide a fast and fluid experience. People mornally refer as a mix of a MacOS + Google Analytics.

   At [CrispyShop.com] you can instantly visualize 50 products by price, features and popularity.
   When you group products by a feature, it is easy to find better products for less $ (the 

green dots), for example: Group Tvs by Screen Size and find a 40 Sony LCD TV with lower price than a 30 Sony LCD TV Please take a look at the picture bellow (is also a link)...

  [CrispyShop.com] is not designed to comapre softgoods (like shoes or clothes); but it is great to compare products where features/price/brand are important. CrispyShop.com is using Yahoo Shopping API.