2007-02-15: New issue of Inf@Vis! (infovis.net) on "InfoVis Diagram" available

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The new issue of Inf@Vis! (The digital magazine of InfoVis.net) on InfoVis Diagram is the second part of the analysis of the process of Information Visualization which leads from data to understanding:

The Infovis diagram.
[Dürsteler, 2007]

In this issue we describe the diagram for the process of Information Visualisation as seen by Yuri Engelhardt and the author after a series of discussions about its nature and the process that leads from Data to Understanding.
[Dürsteler, 2007]

Full article: http://www.infovis.net/printMag.php?num=187&lang=2


[Dürsteler, 2007] Juan C. Dürsteler, InfoVis Diagram, Inf@Vis! (The digital magazine of InfoVis.net), Created at: Feb. 12, 2007, Retrieved at: Feb. 15, 2007, http://www.infovis.net/printMag.php?num=187&lang=2