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''via [https://lists.cs.wisc.edu/mailman/listinfo/dbworld Dbworld mailing list] by Arno Scharl''
''via [https://lists.cs.wisc.edu/mailman/listinfo/dbworld Dbworld mailing list] by Arno Scharl''

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Information Diffusion across Interactive Online Media


Four full-time research positions are now available at Graz University of Technology and Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration. As of November 2006, we aim to hire four young researchers in the following areas (Application deadline = October 15):

  • Visualizing Semantic and Geographic Data
  • Social Software and Content Management Systems
  • Semantic Technologies and Ontology Engineering
  • Software Development and Information Retrieval

Further details and the full text of the announcements (in German) are available at http://www.idiom.at/.

Project Description

Recent advances in collaborative Web technology are governed by network effects and harnessing collective intelligence through customer-self service and algorithmic data management. As a result, information spreads rapidly across Web sites, blogs, Wiki applications, and direct communication channels between members of online communities who utilize these services The IDIOM (Information Diffusion across Interactive Online Media) project will support and investigate electronic interactivity by means of a generic, service-oriented architecture. This architecture will include ontology-based tools to build and maintain contextualized information spaces, a framework for analyzing content diffusion and interaction patterns within these spaces, and interface technology enabling users to switch between semantic and geospatial topologies.

via Dbworld mailing list by Arno Scharl