2006-03-15: Information Visualization Post-Doc and Summer Internship Positions at INRIA (France)

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The research laboratory IN-SITU, part of INRIA Futurs (insitu.lri.fr), is seeking 3-5 highly motivated individuals for research projects in the field of Information Visualization:

There is a considerable degree of flexibility for the direction of the research. The existing infrastructure for these projects relies on the opensource InfoVis Toolkit (ivtk.sourceforge.net). Summer internships run from June through the end of September. Post-Doc positions are currently available and last between 1 and 2 years.

Send a cover letter and CV to Jean-Daniel Fekete (Jean-Daniel.Fekete (at) inria.fr; insitu.lri.fr/~fekete), Project Manager and Senior Researcher at INRIA.

INRIA is the leading French Research Center in Computer Science. The IN-SITU laboratory is among the best ranked French research groups in the field of Human-Computer Interaction and Information Visualization. It is located in the University of Paris-South, approximately 25 km south of Paris. It gathers scientists from the University, INRIA and CNRS.

By Jean-Daniel Fekete via Infovis mailing list