2005-12-12: New Issue of Information Visualization Journal

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A new issue of the Information Visualization Journal is available:

Table of Contents:

Original Articles

Dust & Magnet: multivariate information visualization using a magnet metaphor
Ji Soo Yi, Rachel Melton, John Stasko & Julie A Jacko

A new pixel-oriented visualization technique through color image
Frédéric Blanchard, Michel Herbin & Laurent Lucas

Image fusion based on topographic mappings using the hyperbolic space
Axel Saalbach, Jörg Ontrup, Helge Ritter & Tim W Nattkemper

Visualizing large-scale data in educational, behavioral, psychometrical and social sciences: utilities and design patterns of the SEER computational and graphical statistics
Christopher W T Chiu, Peter Pashley, Marilyn Seastrom & Peggy Carr

In Memoriam

From the lab to the field
Steve Roth: a Memoriam
Nahum Gershon & Jake Kolojejchick